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supid phones are dinosaurs

Hunting for the lucrative pink dollar?
You can find it inside this phone!

"Smart" portable devices like the iPhone are revolutionizing the way people buy. Some call it the "new Internet." If you are looking for LGBT customers and not using smart mobile technology, you are stuck in the 20th century.

Fast Facts

  • Mobile phones as you know them will probably not exist in five years.
  • Apple has sold more than 200 million iPhones. There are about one half billion "smart devices" in use in the world today.
  • The popular Grindr app has more than two million users in 90+ countries--and they are all gay men!

Community Marketing's 2011 and 2012 surveys of over 30,000 LGBT consumers in 100 countries found that:

  • 91% gay men surveyed own a smart phone (one third of those are iPhones)compared to 68% in 2011
  • Smart phones are the #1 major purchase among gay men (ahead of a major vacation, HDTV, furniture, notebook computer or car.
  • Gay men under 45 are the largest group of smart phone users (82%)
  • 63% of gay men using smart phones use them to find businesses (71% for men 18 to 44)
  • 30% use their phones to make purchases
  • 28% went on a major vacation trip in the last year, and 39% plan to go in the coming year
  • Sales of notebook computers continues to decline as more and more people use smart phones and tablets instead

If you are not already doing something to reach these consumers what are you waiting for?

Add your gay friendly business to Miss Fu

Miss Fu is  an "app" for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and many other portable devices. Miss Fu provides destination information for visitors and promotes gay and gay-friendly businesses.< /span>

Using Miss Fu is Free!

Add your business today! The app will be free to customers, so we targeting 50,000 users of Apple, Nokia, Blackberry,  and many other kinds of hand-held devices in the first year. Most of the people who download and use this app will be gay men between 20 and 45. Some will live nearby. Others will be visitors. All of them will be looking for new places to find fun, services, merchandise, a great meal, nightlife and more.

We are happy to include practically any kind of business, including plumbers, florists, tattoo artists, architects, brain surgeons, lawyers, fashion designers, veterinarians, public relations companies and just about any other kind of gay-owned/managed or gay-friendly business.

Already know how "smart phones" work?

Miss Fu is Asia's first gay mobile device appIf you already know how smart phones and other hand-held devices work click the green button to learn more about Miss Fu.

New to "smart phones" and other mobile devices?

An an app (short for "application") is a small software program that can be used by smart portable devices to give you business access to new customers.

To learn more about smart phones and apps just click the blue button to see it for yourself! The full "tour" takes about five minutes. Follow the simple instructions on each page to continue to the next.< a href="demoa.htm"> continueYou can add your business to Miss Fu at the end.

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